Project F: IC form

Mechanisms of self-regulation (project from ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary).

Informed Consent and Description of Research (offline MAIN study)

You are about to participate in a research coordinated by Dr. H.N.Alexander Logemann (Principal Investigator of the project, and senior research fellow at the Institute of Psychology, ELTE University; The research is carried out by highly qualified professionals and their assistants. The main aim of this study is to gain a better understanding of the brain mechanism of self-regulation (specifically approach/avoidance behaviour). In addition, we explore the relationship between weight (more precisely, Body Mass Index) and self-regulation. If you participate, you will be randomly assigned to either the EEG-feedback (EF), or an active-control group. The active control group is similar to the intervention group, but includes a different training protocol. The experiment is double-blind, which means that neither you nor the experimenter knows whether you are assigned to an active group or control group. Upon arrival at the lab, you can ask questions and subsequently you will be requested to provide your informed consent. Then, your weight and height is measured (you can leave your clothes on) and an EEG-cap is placed which includes electrodes that measure your brain activity throughout the experiment. Some gel is applied between the electrodes and scalp (and later you can rinse it out with some water), which makes it possible to measure the electrical activity generated by your brain. It should be noted that this process is entirely harmless and without any discomfort. In addition to the EEG-cap, some electrodes will be placed on your face. Afterwards you will be asked some general questions (e.g. age, gender, handedness) and fill out several questionnaires. Subsequently you will be asked to perform two computer tasks in which you need to respond via button press to pictures and letters that appear on a display. During EEG-feedback, you will be provided with live audio/visual feedback regarding your brain activity, and you will be instructed to change what is happening on the screen thereby adjusting related brain activity (detailed instructions will be provided). After the intervention, you will be asked to perform the computer tasks again after which you are offered a variety of snacks (e.g. M&M’s / Snickers), and you can decide whether and how much snacks you want to eat while at the lab. Subsequently, the experiment is completed. Upon completion of the experiment, you will receive a compensation for participation (5000ft voucher). Monetary compensation is not applicable if you participate in this study in the context of a course (e.g. to fulfil a course requirement / gain bonus credits).

Participation is voluntary. Performing the various tasks and filling out the questionnaires is harmless and it is without any foreseen risks. It is possible to suspend participation so that it should not be tiresome. The total duration of the experiment will be approximately 5 hours. However, it is possible to withdraw consent and terminate participation at any time without any reason and without any consequences.

The results of this study may be used later in publications and may also be presented at scientific conferences. If requested, written or verbal information can be provided regarding these events. All information, if it was part of the research, collected during this research will be handled with strict confidentially. Data obtained during the research is stored as coded information on a secure computer. The individual codes are provided by the assistant in charge, and these are accessible and known only to her/him. Data of the research are analysed statistically during which no personal identification is possible. These coded data will also be publicly available (upon reasonable request). The document with the rules regulating personal data processing (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) is attached with its enclosures.

If you have any questions, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Alexander Logemann via You will also be able to ask any questions at the lab.

Please sign the agreement below if you agree with the conditions outlined above and endorse participation in the study. We thank you for your collaboration.

I……………………………………………(undersigned) declare that I was given thorough information regarding the circumstances of my participation in the present research. I agree with the conditions and to participate in the study. I also give my consent to use the anonymous data collected during this process so that these may be accessible to other researchers. I reserve the right to terminate my participation at any time in which case the data belonging to my person should be erased.

I am 18 years old or older

I am not diagnosed with a neurological or mental disease.

I did not smoke, use alcohol or caffeine within the last 2 hours

Dr. H.N.A.Logemann. as data processor handles my above personal data confidentially and does not allow access to these for other data processing or data analysing organizations of any kind. Details of this statement are found in the “Information of Processing of Data (GDPR)“ which I agree with as proven by my signature.


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